There are some things that cannot be undone. Whether you laugh or cry, life goes on.
"The tip of the iceberg."

"The tip of the iceberg."

Summer 2014

FANTASY: me, being with friends, visiting different beaches in the Philippines.
REALITY: me, being locked up in my room with popcorns and movie series.

Hi! It’s been a long time since I wrote another piece in this blog space. Summer huh? Yeah, As to inform you, contrary to what we all most imagine how to spend summer, I’m stuck at home. Yeaaah. Instead of enjoying the sun, splashing the cool water, visiting beaches, flying kites, and any other fun stuff that you can think of which you can do this summer.

Pretty boring but it’s not so bad. Watching movie series sure made me appreciate some things and taught me some lessons.

Still, I’m not losing hope. I am still looking forward for this summer to turn around and be exciting. Anyways, our summer break is extended until third week of June.

Press-on! :D

They say #FridayNight plus #PayDay plus #VDAY equals #HeavyTraffic. I’m just glad that I made it home. It’s fun to see that my newsfeed turned into a rose gallery. And yes, flowers and hearts are everywhere, especially in the campus! And the phone call just now made my day! Fun-fun-fun-filled day! :D

This reminds me of us last Christmas (2013). Me, leaning at your back while you’re holding my hands. I’m sorry if I just can’t help missing you.