They say #FridayNight plus #PayDay plus #VDAY equals #HeavyTraffic. I’m just glad that I made it home. It’s fun to see that my newsfeed turned into a rose gallery. And yes, flowers and hearts are everywhere, especially in the campus! And the phone call just now made my day! Fun-fun-fun-filled day! :D

This reminds me of us last Christmas (2013). Me, leaning at your back while you’re holding my hands. I’m sorry if I just can’t help missing you.

To all the bangs in the world! (and also to all Nokia C3. HAHA!)  Yeah! :D

To all the bangs in the world! (and also to all Nokia C3. HAHA!)  Yeah! :D

Nothing great happens when we hold back.
I’d like to say we gave it a try. I’d like to blame it all on life. Maybe we just weren’t right, but that’s a lie. And we can deny it as much as we want. But in time the feelings will show. Cause sooner or later we’ll wonder why we gave up. The truth is everyone knows. Almost is never enough.
Happy Chinese New Year.

I woke up at 2am and found myself all alone in the house. Sigh. I went downstairs, opened the fridge, got myself a glass of cold water. Cold. The weather is cold. The water is cold. Just like my heart. What is this feeling? Sadness is creeping in. Emptiness. Coldness. The feeling of being left behind. I need to shrug off this feeling. I don’t want this. Yeah, because this is the total opposite. One must feel festive because it’s Chinese New Year Day.  Yes. I need to cheer up. Maybe a “tikoy” or some Chinese food can ease my sadness. Why am I feeling this way? Please. Please. Let me be happy this year.

Another Random Post #012914

Noticed that I was just posting reblogs on this second account. Tsk. Sorry about that. It defeats my purpose for having this account, because from the start I intend that all my reblogs will go to “Lost Memories” and all my write-ups will be posted here in “Life Goes On.” Sorry about that. I will try to write as much as possible. College, research and lots of paperworks are keeping me busy. And another thing, I don’t know but I’m struggling with my English and grammar. Some days, I feel dumb. I have to put my act all together. Act accordingly. Act my age. Hoping things will be better.